5 Tips for Your Dining Area

How big should the dining table be? And the carpet? Follow our 5 tips to create a functional dining area, whether in the kitchen or living room.

1. How much space do you need?

Where to place the table and how many people is it for? A rectangular table fits into any space, on the other hand, a round table allows for a more intimate environment. Take into account at least 60cm for each person, that is, a table for 6 people should be 180cm long.

muuto linear table Linear Table, Muuto

2. Invest in Chairs

A good chair will provide support for your back and comfort when sitting for longer periods of time. Test how the chairs and table fit together, as seat heights can vary. A long bench allows more seating space, but it will be uncomfortable. If you don't have space, think about folding or stackable chairs and benches.

artek hay Bank 60, Artek; Pyramid Table and Bench, Hay

3. Lighting

A hanging lamp is suitable for the center of a dining table. Hang it approximately 60 to 70 cm above the table, as if it is too high it could overshadow your guests! You may need several lamps if the table is very long, and complete the atmosphere with some candles.

IC pendant lamp flos Lamp IC S1/2, Flos

4. Opt for a large rug

If your dining table is in the living room or kitchen, think about a large rug so that it extends about half a meter behind the chairs. Choose a soft, uneven rug so that it is easy to clean and move the chairs.

muuto varjo rug Varjo rug, Muuto

5. Use a mirror to create additional space

You can use light colors and reflective surfaces to open up the space, such as a glass top. If you don't have a window, hang a large mirror next to the table to capture light and increase the feeling of space.

modular string system Modular String System