6 Decorating Tips for this Fall

It's time to start thinking about preparing your home to receive the cold in the best way possible.

With autumn here it is mandatory to make the living room more comfortable and welcoming, perfect for long days spent at home on the sofa!

I. Earth Colors.

Earth tones are closely associated with autumn, and are easy to combine in any environment. For example, use cushions and rugs in colors such as black, beige and terracotta.

autumn decoration

II. Comfort

It's windy, rainy and cold outside. Who doesn't love afternoons spent on the couch watching a movie? Add comfort to your living room with plush rugs and soft throws in reddish, orange and earthy tones.

autumn home decor pillows

III. Cushions

Cushions are a great addition to a good fall decor. More affordable ones automatically give your sofa a new life but also add comfort.

autumn pillows living room decoration

IV. Carpets

Any rug is perfect for this colder season. Use a rug with autumn tones, as it will help to warm up the space but also visually delimit areas of the room.

rugs living room decoration

V. Lighting

If you have natural light, you should value it. If the room is naturally darker, you should opt for artificial lighting, creating points of warm, soft light to make the space more comfortable.

ceiling lamp table lamp

SAW. Candles

Comfort and warmth are words with a strong relationship to autumn. When we think of these words we think of blankets and candles! Look for candles with fragrances that remind you of rainy days and wet grass. Not only do they bring a more peaceful environment, they also perfume your home.

baobab fragrance candles