Stool 60 90th Anniversary

Artek 's Stool 60 , one of the most elemental and iconic pieces of furniture of the 20th century, celebrates 90 years in 2023. The simple three-legged stool designed by Alvar Aalto expresses modernist ideals and Finnish innovation. Developed with local birch wood, the Stool 60 is one of Aalto's greatest legacies, remaining as relevant today as when it was created. In continuous production since 1933, the bench has changed little since that time, standing the test of time. Deliberately informal, it is a piece that adapts well to any space, traveling between the private sphere and public spaces.

↑ Alvar Aalto and Stool 60 archive footage

Its simplicity and honesty ensure its timelessness, while the ingenious construction and durability allow each bench to age gracefully. Each Stool 60 is still produced in Finland through a unique process refined over decades, combining modern production methods with the human, artisanal touch. Through 48 production steps, solid birch from Finnish forests is shaped into the characteristic L-shaped legs, while leftover wood is used to make the bench's circular seat. Due to the organic appearance of the wood, each bench gains a unique personality, developing a beautiful patina over the years.

↑ Stool 60 production archive image

To mark the 90th anniversary, several special editions were developed by the Artek design team and the Formafantasma studio, celebrating the unmistakable silhouette of this 20th century design classic. Come and discover the Stool 60 in our showroom.