The Maillet family home

A human-scale house, a rural landscape and a life dictated by the cycles of nature are the elements that led the Maillet family to exchange the city for the countryside. "When we took over the fifth family about 15 years ago, we had lived in the city for 10 years and we thought: if we are going to leave the city, we have to build our dream house." And that's exactly what they did, creating a sustainable house where wood plays a prominent role.

"We wanted a house that fits into the landscape, that doesn't distort its surroundings, nature, the fields. A space on a human scale. For us, the ideal house is something simple, without frills. Who needs six bedrooms and four floors? We have a stove that warms the body and the heart. The house is a place where we feel free, inside and out. We have space, light and peace. We guaranteed that there would be large windows and lots of plants. We feel that it is nature that really decorates this house." To help compose the surrounding scene, Adeline Maillet, interior designer, and her husband Florent, a farmer, chose some of our favorite Vitra pieces to compose the interiors such as the Polder sofa, the Hal chairs or the Guéridon Bas coffee table .

"When we choose furniture, we like objects that have been around and evoke emotions. We like wooden furniture. Wood comforts. We want quality things that we can pass on to our children."