Blanca Miró's house

Ever since her mother, interior designer Rosarietta Scrimieri, chose USM furniture to decorate her father Carlos Miró's first office, the iconic modular system has accompanied Blanca Miró. The Catalan fashion influencer and creator bought her first piece when He left his parents' house and is now expanding his USM collection by moving to a new residence in Barcelona. In a space of 670 m2, Blanca combines many of USM's colors with a careful choice of contemporary design classics from Le Corbusier, Castiglioni, Prouvé, Coderch, Milá or Eames.

The entrepreneur's home is a mix of her love for color, something visible in her unique personal style, with a simpler approach, a compromise reached with her husband Javi Fondevila. "We chose everything we used in the decoration together, because it's important that it's a home for both of us. I made Javi a fan of color in our house and he managed to tame my madness and be a little more minimalist. However, we managed to keep our styles, styles and preferences, mixing them harmoniously".

"I discovered the brand when my mother designed my father's first office in Barcelona. She chose USM for almost every space. I was still very young at that time, but as I grew up and began to value the world of interior design and learning about the history of each piece, I dared to have my first USM piece combined with pieces from the 60s, 70s and 80s".