Joana Inês-Soares' house in Monsaraz

Monsaraz is one of the places that most fills the imagination of the Portuguese when we talk about Alentejo, with its castle on top of the hill, panoramic views of the Alentejo plain and the Alqueva at its feet. It is within the walls of this fortified town, with its picturesque whitewashed houses and cobbled streets, that the artist Joana Inês-Soares (aka @violetacorderosa ) lives with her three daughters and her loyal four-legged companion, the dog Miro.

The artist's home mirrors his creative universe, mixing the fields of personal expression, comfort and creativity, transforming it into a welcoming space that serves as his studio and family home. Joana's journey as an artist began after finishing her architecture degree, exploring various media such as ceramics, jewelry or graphic design, which would end up being fundamental foundations in the fusion of creativity and passion that defines her work today. After working in architecture, Joana embraced a new path, dedicating herself to drawing, illustration and painting. For the last decade, he has lived and worked as an artist from his home in Monsaraz. "I love working from home", says Joana, "it's one of the spaces that inspires me the most. An environment that combines all my passions."

In the house, where we can find many Ferm Living pieces, art is one of the most visible elements in all environments, functioning as an informal gallery for your work. "The art I make easily intersects with my home and family. We use every corner of the house, but the living room is special. There is space for my daughters to play and for us to spend time together."

As expected, life in the artist's house unfolds between the inside and the outside. It is here that Joana finds an extension of her creative sanctuary, a space where the family can enjoy the village and the surrounding nature and where Joana also works. "We created an outdoor space where it was also possible to live all day," explains Joana. "We have a small kitchen area and a long dining table that also serves as a desk and work space. Then we have the beautiful swimming pool that is in the shade of an olive tree and where we can cool off from the intense heat typical of this region of Alentejo. "

Whether in the garden or indoors, the universe of Joana and her daughters can be felt throughout the house, in a mix of intimacy and artistic spirit. "For me, home is where we are surrounded by things that reveal parts of us, who we are and what makes us feel good."