Marie Hesseldahl's house

In an apartment located in a former police station in Copenhagen live Marie Hesseldahl, design director at Muuto, and her young family. Despite recently moving into this apartment, Marie quickly transformed the space in her image, using color, natural materials and solutions that allow her to express her personality and eye for detail. Muuto's Stacked bookshelf played an important role in personalizing the apartment, which before the move was a bare, monochromatic space.

The storage system allows you to display design objects and family heirlooms, but also to store books, magazines and everyday tools such as cameras, candles, sewing and drawing materials. The use of Stacked is particularly visible in the living room of this house, where it supports the dining table, which is also used as a desk during the day. Thanks to its versatility, with open or closed compartments, it is possible to have everything at hand, making it the perfect platform for displaying or hiding objects as needed.

"What makes Stacked a great solution is that it can grow and evolve with us, changing to better meet our needs and wants."