Christmas decoration starts with small changes

Creating a Christmas spirit is easier than you think! Favor objects that you display all year round and enjoy colors suitable for all seasons.

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Take a break because Christmas is about slow pleasures: reading books, listening to music and enjoying sweet and savory treats. What better place for this than a small cozy corner, where your favorite armchair and lamp await you. Upholstered in soft sheepskin, the Little Petra armchair , which oozes warmth and nostalgia, was designed by architect Viggo Boesen in 1938. It pairs perfectly with the elegant IC F1 floor lamp by Michael Anastassiades for Flos.

lamp IC F1 FLOS

Trust the flowers! Can a house be beautiful without flowers? If you don't like luxurious decorations and want to avoid clutter at home, be sure to add flowers. Investing in a variety of flowers will contribute to a festive feeling. Why not opt ​​for a more surprising setting with the organically undulating Riihitie vase from Artek .

artek living room

The soft, earthy craftsmanship and colors add a particularly delicate, genuine touch that doesn't feel hastily thrown together. Ferm Living's Christmas collection includes Christmas tree ornaments made from organic cotton, ranging from embroidered human figures to buildings.

ferm living christmas

And as expected, Christmas is for children! Pay special attention to the little ones, they are the ones who bring joy and unique moments that make the whole family laugh! The Safari Horse , from Ferm Living in linen, offers charming comfort at bedtime and is a faithful companion during adventure times, it seems like an excellent gift to us!

ferm living horse safari cushion