The perfect table for New Year's Eve

With the last night of the year approaching, discover how a group of creatives, chefs and designers decorated the tables for this festive season. Using some of our favoriteFerm Living pieces for their decor, everyone created perfect environments for entertaining friends and family.

↑ Alex Eagle

"Less is more, more or less! This is a special time of year because you are surrounded by family and friends and you can spoil them. I usually like minimal table decoration, but this is the time when I take a little more risk."

Alex Eagle, creative director
London, United Kingdom

↑Andy Baraghani

"My table for the festive season is natural and a little eccentric. I like to start with a base of warm, neutral tones, and then layer the color through objects or food. I like straw-toned taper candles because they have a very festive look."

Andy Baraghani, chef and author
Brooklyn, United States

↑ Clara Diez

"This time of year is perfect for fun and my table reflects that. The colors I associate with this time of year are warm tones: moss green, red and golden orange. I like to place food in the center of the table so that each guest can enjoy can serve and interact with it. I also like to decorate the table with something special like candles, to create a welcoming and sharing atmosphere."

Clara Diez, artisanal cheese connoisseur and founder of Formaje
Madrid, Spain

↑Samantha Picard

"One of the things I've learned about entertaining is that when guests arrive, you need to move to the back seat and enjoy the ride. Let your guests direct the conversation, make everyone feel welcome and comfortable, serve them give them a drink when they arrive. If someone breaks something, don't lose your cool. If the chicken is dry? No problem! No one likes a stressed host, and people will remember the atmosphere at the table, not the little ones details you're worrying about."

Samantha Picard, table decorator and founder of Sam's Coolkies
London, United Kingdom