Le Bambole's new campaign

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Le Bambole collection, Paris:Sete dressed up and presents in its showroom this family of sofas originally designed by Mario Bellini in 1972. The new campaign dedicated to this classic of Italian design shows the collection at Desert One House in Palm Springs. With creative direction and photography by Rich Stapleton, the session pays tribute to the iconic sofa, now redesigned by B&B Italia.

Due to its apparent simplicity, the house designed by Jim Jennings Architecture was the perfect backdrop for the campaign. The geometric lines, concrete walls and large sliding glass windows of Desert One House highlight the soft and inviting form of Le Bambole.

The desert that surrounds the house controls the entire mood of the campaign, through the perennial blue sky and the organic shape of the San Jacinto mountains, in a raw and elemental dialogue with the sofa designed by Mario Bellini.