The new trend, Wallpaper

Behind the Katie Scott Wallpaper Production

Ferm Living with the well-known London illustrator, Katie Scott, created a partnership with the aim of creating unique patterns for Wallpaper. See how it is made and produced.

If there's one thing that can quickly change your home, it's wallpaper. After the founder of Ferm Living searched endlessly for a wallpaper she liked, in 2006 she decided to create her own designs. Since then the collection has expanded with charming and surprising patterns. Until last year they decided to create a unique collection with illustrator Katie Scott.

ferm living wallpaper

"All Katie Scott wallpaper is manufactured in the first wallpaper factory in Sweden, a pioneer in the industry with over 100 years of experience."

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From Artistic Work to Printing

First of all, the process of developing and creating wallpaper requires a lot of skill and experience from artisans. When the design team delivers the final artwork to the factory, the initial work begins. The first step is to engrave the wallpaper pattern onto large metal cylinders. Each color has its cylinder and each color has its own "recipe" that is mixed by hand. Due to this process, no batch is the same, however the brand guarantees to send rolls from the same batch for a perfect match . After the printing process, the paper is dried, trimmed, and goes through quality control before being packaged.

Made in Scandinavia

All wallpapers designed by Katie Scott are manufactured in Sweden's first wallpaper factory - an industry pioneer with over 100 years of experience. Printing methods such as Surface 200 and more advanced methods such as flexographic printing and rotogravure are used.

Discover the Ferm Living wallpaper collection.

ferm living wallpaper