The production of Stool 60
Celebrating 90 years in 2023, Artek's Stool 60 is one of the most elemental pieces of Nordic design. Designed in 1933 by Alvar Aalto, the bench is still produced in the same factory in Finland from local birch wood. Over the course of 40 steps, which involve machines and the care of the human hand, the iconic Stool 60 takes shape, showing the beauty of the material and its production process. Its ingenious construction, timeless silhouette and durability make the bench created by Aalto an example at a time when sustainability and the concept of 'buy less, but better' are increasingly essential.
In this video from Artek, you can see the entire construction process of this design classic, from harvesting the wood in the forests of Finland to packaging the finished bench:

After arriving in the home environment, the Stool 60 takes on great versatility. A popular seat for studying, working, eating or gathering friends and family, the bench easily transforms into a bedside table, base for a vase, to store books or a favorite object. It is compact enough to fit into small areas and can be stacked in a spiral tower to save space, ensuring extra seating for spontaneous gatherings.

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