The subtlety of the Bouroullec brothers' design

Originally from Brittany, France, and currently based in Paris, brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec are one of the most notable designers of their generation. Working as a duo since 1999, the Bouroullecs have collaborated with some of our favorite brands such as Vitra, Artek, Hay or Flos, which can be found in our showroom. The honesty of their work and the freshness with which they approach each project are distinctive features of their approach to design. Soft, timeless silhouettes that subtly adapt to any environment have marked its vast portfolio, which includes furniture and utilitarian objects for the home and office, technology, jewelry and architecture.

Vitra Abalon Sofa

The way they reduce an idea to its essentials and make functionality aesthetically appealing makes the Bouroullec brothers one of the most skilled designers in creating lasting objects, whether visually or materially, something essential at a time when sustainability is an unavoidable topic.

"Many of the brands we work with share a vision of the seventies. It is home-oriented, based on domestic environments that do not change. When we talk about ecology, the idea of ​​creating indestructible pieces of furniture is essential. We don't want our objects age and are tied to a specific era", says Erwan.

Erwan says that "the fundamental role of design is to give shape to culture. When we visit a museum dedicated to ancient civilizations, the design - more specifically the shape of everyday tools, weapons or jewelry - is usually the only thing that reaches the days of today. Having the ability to stand the test of time means that these objects are technically perfect and that they were useful, but beyond that, we can see the people behind them. We see humanity and we can determine the shape of their culture."

↑ Hay's Palissade Collection

Vitra Softshell Chair

↑ L'Oiseau by Vitra

Artek Rope Chair