The USM at the Slow Beam house

USM 's Haller furniture adapts to all types of environments and sometimes with surprising results. In the Slow Beam house in Tasmania, Australia, several colorful elements from USM contrast with the darkly painted interior, contributing to the appealing final appearance of this house that won the award for best design accommodation at the Airbnb Host Awards Australia in 2021.

Designed by the Heart studio, the house also serves as a refuge for the owners when visiting family in Hobart and combines the comfort of a home environment with an appealing design that captures the attention of those who rent it for holidays. USM played an important role in the project, giving color, functionality and a timeless design to the space.

For owner and photographer Lauren Bamford, "USM brought something modern and utilitarian to the home. The pieces are bold and stylish, and fit perfectly with the rest of the furniture. We needed functional storage throughout the house and USM furniture offered exactly that, but they are also appealing design pieces. We loved all the modules, they brought new life to the house" .