Air Cleaning System, LEMA

The first company to launch customizable cabinets on the Italian market in the 80s today claims another innovation: the Air Cleaning System, patented by LEMA.

An exclusive in the world that revolutionizes the concept of wardrobe once again, making it play an active role for the first time in the hygiene of clothes, footwear and objects.

In the environments of our very active everyday lives, offices, transport, shops, restaurants, gyms, air quality is reduced due to inadequate recycling and all the bacteria, allergens, carbon monoxide that cause bad odors in clothes.

With more than a year of research, LEMA's Air Cleaning System uses nanotechnology and a special UV lamp to generate a photochemical reaction that naturally destroys bacteria and fungi, purifying the interior of the wardrobe and eliminating more than 90% of bad odors. This is possible thanks to a patented Photocatalytic Oxidation technology, used to purify aerospace environments.

Without affecting aesthetics, the system, available as an option, is installed in any LEMA cabinet system with hinged, sliding or coplanar doors.

LEMA air cleaning system paris seven wardrobes

LEMA air cleaning system wardrobe paris seve

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