Arper: Creating the World We Live in

Since the establishment of the Arper Environmental Department 15 years ago, Arper has been at the forefront of sustainable and responsible production.

The first act is to take responsibility: we are part of the problem.

We all are. Such a statement demands a response: we are designers, we face problems, let's start designing a responsible way to move forward and create.

The economic, intellectual and practical considerations implicit in the seemingly simple term, "sustainability", are extremely complex, but design is a process for embracing complexity. We begin by recognizing that, although we have more questions than answers, we offer diverse knowledge and experiences.

The more we share our challenges, the more opportunities we create for learning and collective insight. Arper applies intelligence gained through open and ongoing dialogue to innovate new processes and products that reduce environmental impact in the manufacturing, transportation, use and recycling of materials.

Design Philosophy

Arper designs to improve relationships, including the most important of all: humanity and our natural world. Since the beginning, the brand has worked to strengthen this relationship through an approach based on the search for what is essential. Durable and timeless furniture is designed, intended to transcend trends and serve diverse purposes throughout its useful life. Lightness and simplicity are characteristics that the brand seeks, with the aim of reducing materials to a minimum.

arper furniture
Industry standards and initiatives

"For the past fifteen years, we have used certifications as a measurable measure of our efforts. At the same time, we perform comprehensive lifecycle assessments of our products to ensure they meet industry standards and our own internal benchmarks. With this learning, We analyze and share the implications of our products before they go into production. Transparency is key. We all deserve to know what impact each product has on the environment."

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Sustainability is a continuous and practical exercise. Arper maintains the practical aspects of environmentally responsible creation - a cycle where products can be recycled after use. Whenever possible, they integrate new recycling methods into their work and offer products made in part from recycled materials. They design new products with attention to disassembly at the end of their useful life.

arper arches chair