Vitra's Home Stories

We open the doors to the Vitra universe by sharing what was shared with us:

The Winter Home Stories

To liven up this winter, the Vitra team visited the iconic homes of three of the brand's clients to highlight the versatility of the pieces in different environments.

Vitra's pieces are the height of transversality, characterized by their simple, fun and simultaneously functional design, which adapt to various styles and overcome time barriers.

We show you this real-life catalog of the unmistakable pieces from this brand that we love so much and that we have proudly represented for many years.

The first space that was visited was the loft of stylist Chris Glass, the second was a house built by Walter Gropius that was later renovated and modernized by the couple Martin Fischer and Barbara Happe and finally, the Jütter family's ecological chalet.
Each of these spaces shows a style and the design of these environments was thought from the perspective of each resident, in order to tell their story.

Chris Glass is an interior stylist and founder of the apartment in Berlin, where he has lived since 2001.

“Everyone has a story to tell. When choosing objects and design, part of my job is to help them understand their story and bring it to life.”

Barbara Happe and her husband Martin Fischer renovated a building designed by Walter Gropius.

“It’s an incredible feeling to live in a listed building and even better to know that it will still be standing for generations to come”

For Franziska and Simon Jüttner one of the most important values ​​in design is sustainability.
Franziska Jüttner is a psychologist and her husband Simon is an architect.

"We like pieces that last, that become part of the family and that are not thrown away after a few years."