The Best Pieces for Small Spaces

The process of decorating a home is pleasant and unique, especially when the pieces are as cute as the latest releases from the HAY brand.

Finding exactly what you want and fitting that piece into the aesthetic and design of your home is refreshing. It requires a lot of thought, of course, but it's definitely rewarding when you find the right piece. What's not always easy is combining and placing the furniture you've designed for your home. Fortunately, the Danish brand HAY has a range of pieces designed for the reduced space that exists in urban environments.

We made a selection of the pieces that we think fit best in any space without compromising aesthetics and functionality.

I. Triangle Leg Table

Space-saving furniture is always welcome in a home that doesn't have a very large area, which is why designer Simon Jones took the concept of a round table and designed the Triangle Leg Table with thin legs and rounded headboards with the aim of maximizing the space and number of seats around the table.

triangle leg hay paris table: Seven decorations Triangle Table, HAY

II. Marselis Table Lamp

Forget about large table lamps or imposing hanging lamps! The Marselis table lamp is ideal for any room you need in your home. Thanks to its small size and its light disc, it can be easily adjusted to create an ambient light or direct work light.

marselis hay paris table lamp seven lighting Marselis Table Lamp, HAY

III. Eiffel Bookcase

Sometimes the best space-saving ideas and solutions come from a few simpler solutions. An excellent example of this is the Eiffel bookshelf . It's an extremely versatile storage tip, as the six-shelf tall bookcase is ideal as a shelf next to a wall but also as a room divider.

eiffel shelf hay paris seven interior decoration Eiffel Bookcase, HAY

IV. Turn On Lamp

The Turn On lamp is perfect for any space, as it is extremely compact thanks to its unique design that combines aluminum and white glass, and functional thanks to its base that functions as a support for the spherical lamp as well as a switch. By rotating the base, you can create different environments with the LED dimmer.

turn on lamp hay paris seven lighting Turn On Lamp, HAY

V. Woody Bookcase

You may not need another side table or have space for one more, but you certainly need a place to put all your books, accessories and other objects. Simple, discreet and practical, the Woody bookshelf is available in various sizes.

woody hay bookshelf paris seven decoration Moody Bookcase, HAY

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