The new Prouvé colors

Vitra 's relationship with Jean Prouvé's legacy began with the reissue of the Standard chair more than 20 years ago. Meanwhile, the family of products designed by the French designer has grown, and is now revisited with the introduction of original colors inspired by the most varied references, from Blé Vert, which illustrates the color of green wheat, to Gris Vermeer, which alludes to the tones gray present in the work of painter Johannes Vermeer.

According to Prouvé's conviction, who believed in the "nature of the material", only parts at risk of corrosion should be painted, which is why the French designer left wooden and aluminum elements untreated whenever possible. However, beyond the practical benefits of rust protection, Prouvé was aware that he could use color to give his furniture a unique personality.

In these photographs taken at Villa Dollander, a house developed in 1949 by Jean Prouvé and his younger brother and architect Henri, it is possible to see some of the pieces in the renewed color palette, which now includes Gris Vermeer, Bleu Dynastie, Blé Vert and Bleu Marcoule, as well as the Métal Brut version, in natural steel.

Jean Prouvé used colors to give his furniture a unique personality.

↑ The Cité armchair

↑ The Fauteuil Direction chair and the Compas Direction desk

↑ The Fauteuil de Salon armchair