Beetle chair, inspired by nature

Plants and animals have adapted over millennia to respond to evolution and the humble beetle is perhaps one of the animals that has done it best. More than 300,000 species of beetles live throughout the world in different habitats, whether on land or in the aquatic environment. This diversity and adaptability was inspiration for ancient cultural myths, iconic cars of the 20th century, British pop bands and the best-known chair from the Danish brand Gubi. Taking as a starting point the two parts of the carapace of the typical beetle, the GamFratesi duo transformed the insect's shape into a product for the home, combining an organic and elegant shape with great comfort and timeless design. Like the beetle's carapace, the chair's carcass appears solid and static, but allows micro-movements between the seat and back, increasing comfort.
The Beetle chair is available at Paris:Sete to order.

↑ The design duo GamFratesi and the beetle that inspired the Beetle chair

"Insects are beautiful creatures of nature. Each element of their bodies has a specific function, a true fusion between form and function, taken to the essentials. We found inspiration for a chair that is both functional and appealing."

↑ The designers and the Beetle chair