Create Your Own Bookshelf

Blocks shelving's multiple options provide countless flexible storage solutions.

Create your own shelf on the wall, on the floor or stack some Blocks. You can make combinations of unique units, such as creating symmetries or asymmetries.

blocks muubs design

Blocks are available in two finishes: oiled oak and smoked oak. A single block is a great addition to a room, but being able to combine several is even better!

blocks muubs

With Blocks, you decide what type of furniture you want. The blocks fit in a corner, under the TV, in the office or on the wall. Take your pick from the Blocks series. Versatile, the Blocks fit perfectly to match the personality of your home.

blocks muubs interior design

Blocks emerged from the collaboration between Steffensen & Würtz, based on the Muubs design philosophy. With simplicity, clean lines, quality and craftsmanship, the Blocks collection is designed to bring authenticity and soul to your home and everyday life. Celebrating the most rigorous design philosophy of Scandinavian design, we proudly present a stylish and durable storage solution for your home.

muubs design