Add color to your living room!

If there is one trend this year that is very eye-catching, it is undoubtedly the use of bold and vibrant colors on sofas, chairs and benches, which we haven't seen for some time.

If you are going to embrace this trend, you have to pay attention to one important point. Whatever piece you want in color, it will have to be the statement of the space. Remember to create a harmony between bolder tones and more neutral tones in other areas of your space. Neutral tones not only help to balance the space but also give the eye a resting point.

We leave you with some tips to make your home a more welcoming place!

If it's the first time you're thinking about adding color, a sofa in shades of blue could be the perfect entry point. Blue is a very comfortable, more traditional and relaxing color.

Being a very versatile color, it is easy to combine with neutral and natural colors, and looks extremely good when complemented with another vibrant color.

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If you are looking to create a happier and more delicate area, shades of pink could be the solution.

You can opt for softer and more subtle tones or more lively and energetic ones. Regardless of your choice, a sofa in pink tones will inject new life into your living room.

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And the yellow! Vibrant yellows are far from tiring. Yellow looks elegant and clean with neutral tones like white and black.

You can also combine it with more vivid colors such as coral, ultramarine blue or green, as these colors will increase the energy of the room and make it more yours.

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