Decorate with Classics

When it comes time to decorate your home, the classics never disappoint.

Their timelessness makes them iconic and maximizes the potential of any space, bringing harmony or disruption to the environment that surrounds them. It's your decision!

We suggest making a combination of old classics and new classics.

Artek: Aalto Bank 60

A bench that is easily movable and stackable is the perfect choice for smaller spaces. You can use it as a seat, but it also works as a bedside table or side table. Artek's iconic 60 bench has a simple yet characteristic design that is completely timeless.

aalto stoll 60 artek

String Furniture: String Pocket

When space at home is limited, beautiful, sturdy wall shelves are essential. String Pocket Shelves from String Furniture are designed to fit in every space, from the kitchen to the bedroom, keeping all your household items well organized.

string pocket wall shelf

Muuto, Leaf Floor Lamp

Its leaf-inspired shape creates a unique silhouette depending on the positioning and angle at which the lamp is directed. With LED technology it is extremely efficient.

leaf floor lamp muuto

Vitra, Eames House Bird

A classic that will always be a classic. A simple figure that tells many stories. The Eames House Bird, designed by the couple Ray & Charles Eames, was often chosen as a decorative piece for photo shoots.

vitra eames bird

Muuto, Outline Sofa

Although it is not a classic that was designed in the 50s or 60s, its design brings a new perspective on the classic Scandinavian design of the 60s. It combines simplicity and functionality in one.

Outline 2 seater sofa

Outline 3 seater sofa

muuto outline sofa