Discover Colin King's apartment

Colin King's personal and professional history is intrinsically linked to B&B Italia's Le Bambole collection, with a vintage Le Bambole sofa from the seventies being his first purchase for his old apartment and more recently having done the styling for the campaign dedicated to collection designed by Mario Bellini. "I've been a fan of Mario Bellini since I started working in design. The first purchase I made for my apartment in Brooklyn Heights was a Le Bambole. I was really excited when they launched the armchair", says King.

In his new apartment in Tribeca, New York, the stylist perfectly incorporated a Le Bambole armchair into the serene and timeless environment of his home. "My apartment is very minimal and I wanted to find a way to introduce this silhouette of Italian postmodernism. I love the tension and dialogue it creates with the existing pieces. It has a soft look, but when you sit down you don't sink in, it has a beautiful and fun silhouette".

In this loft full of natural light and where beige tones and natural materials dominate the domestic panorama, Le Bambole, with its bold shape, is a necessary counterpoint in such a delicate environment. "Its abstract form, in conjunction with the organic lines of my apartment, attracted me to this armchair. It is said that Mario Bellini designed this armchair after seeing a bag on the floor that resembled a cushion. I feel the same way inspired by these fleeting moments, the nuances you discover during the day and observing things we encounter daily with a new and unexpected perspective", he concludes.