Interior Design - Trends for 2020

We ended a decade marked by trends ranging from furniture from the 50s and 60s to Nordic minimalism.

Now with our eyes set on the new year, furniture with curves, organic shaped patterns and natural materials are appearing more and more and seem to be creating new trends.

Check out the 5 trends that will be in vogue in 2020!

I. "Curved" Furniture

Several international brands are starting to invest in curved furniture, especially in upholstered pieces such as sofas, divans, armchairs and occasionally chairs. These pieces are being rethought with a wavy and sometimes asymmetrical design that seems inspired by 70s decor.

ferm living Rico Lounge Chair - Bouclé, by Ferm Living
hay mags sofa Mags Soft Sofa, by HAY

II. Natural Materials - Wood

While wood paneling doesn't immediately bring to mind a modern home, that feeling is changing. Laminated wood, or in slats, can be applied in a basic way or in interesting angles, which give an elegant, comfortable and fresh touch to the room.

Rimadesio systems Modular wall panels, from Rimadesio

III. Indoor Gardens

Considering the popularity of indoor plants and vertical gardens in recent years, it's no surprise that the trend continues. In 2020 we will see the emergence of indoor gardens as a way of bringing the outdoors into the comfort of the home.

ferm living plant box Plant Box, by Ferm Living

IV. High Stools

According to experts, high stools will no longer be relegated to kitchens and bars. They are undoubtedly a trend in the workplace. More and more people are spending more time collaborating, spending more time standing, and working at tables or high counters, benches are increasingly popular due to their versatility.

nerd bank muuto Banco Nerd, from Muuto

V. Organic Forms

Although free-form design is gaining momentum, we think it will peak this year. Organic shapes are appearing in everything from pillows, rugs, candles and paintings.

ferm living organic shapes