At home with Amélie du Chalard

Gallerist Amélie du Chalard discovered Fritz Hansen before she discovered Poul Kjærholm's work, but one thing led to another, and now she has a vast collection of pieces signed by the iconic Danish designer spread across her incredible home in Paris. The space has had several lives, from a post-World War II private library to an artist's studio, featuring high ceilings, lots of natural light and lots of wall space. “I keep my walls white so I can use them as a backdrop for artworks of different formats and disciplines,” says Chalard.

"My house is a reflection of me and the way I want to live. That's why it's full of art and furniture that have meaning to me. Since I was 15, the only birthday gifts I've received are works of art. Paintings, sculpture, photography and textiles, I have a connection with many means of artistic expression. I feel the same with furniture. Every piece I own tells a story and I like having a wide variety of textures, from wood and cotton to wool and metal. "

This is particularly visible on the ground floor, a generous 100 square meter space that serves as a living room, kitchen, dining area, office and now also as a play area for your young children. "I like that it's such a well-used space, there's a lot of joy here!"
In this environment it is possible to find the Grand Prix chairs by Arne Jacobsen, which the gallery owner describes as "sculptural, graphic and with clean lines", and his collection of pieces by Poul Kjærholm, which includes the PK25, PK24 and PK22 armchairs. "I like that they are all different, but they all match. I think of art in the same way: they don't have to match, but the pieces should bring out the best in each one."

Amélie explains that comfort is also essential. "It's important to highlight that these pieces are sculptural, but they're also comfortable. My husband always reminds me of that and it's true. I think Nordic design has these two elements, aesthetics and comfort."
As in art, a gallerist's loyalty to a designer is deepened when she gets to know their work better. "I trust Fritz Hansen pieces, and the work of Poul Kjærholm and Arne Jacobsen, among others, has brought so much beauty to my home and life. When it comes to furniture, I follow my heart and it has never let me down!"

As for the next pieces she wants from Fritz Hansen, Amélie says she has an Egg Armchair under her eye. "I know a lot of people have it, and I don't like following trends, but it's a timeless piece." She is also interested in Piero Lissoni's Alphabet sofa, thanks to its low silhouette and modularity. "The design is more fun, but simple nonetheless", concludes Chalard.

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