At home with Amélie-Margot Chevalier

Amélie-Margot Chevalier has a passion for textiles woven into her DNA. Together with her sister, this specialist in antique and contemporary tapestries is the fourth generation of her family to guide the destinies of the famous Chevalier Parsua gallery. In his bright apartment in the 7th arrondissement in Paris, you can see his passion for the world of textiles, in an eclectic environment dominated by a mix of decorative styles.

In this house in a 17th century building, where her parents lived for 25 years, Amélie-Margot and her husband Charles-Wesley Hourdé combine their creative and professional universes, where art takes the main role. "My husband has an art gallery specializing in ancient art from Africa and Oceania, and two years ago he opened a gallery called 31 Project, which focuses on the contemporary African scene. As such, art is an inescapable part of our lives. We are both collectors and hunters of opportunities, and we bring many things from our travels. Africa is a predominant presence in our decoration, as are the textiles and of course, the tapestries. It is a dialogue between periods, artists and places. Our apartment is very colorful, with lots of blues and yellows, because I particularly like those colors", reveals the gallerist.

One of the most interesting points of the house is the generous entrance, where you can find a functional USM module. "At first, having such a large entrance bothered me a little, but it was at that moment that the USM became a revelation! We created an eye-catching USM sideboard that extends in an L-shape in front of the window, forming a large desk. How So, this space is not just an entrance, it has a real purpose. It is a truly pleasant place with lots of natural light. I love this desk, where I can have all my documents accessible and organized in the various drawers. I also like the idea of ​​having a piece of furniture that I can reuse in another way if I move house. I see it as an investment. For example, one day we might be able to reconfigure it for my daughter's studio!"