Enter Deborah Choi's home

Deborah Choi is a serial entrepreneur who has founded several businesses, including a company whose mission is to make interiors greener, something that can be seen in your home. In this apartment in Berlin, where Deborah lives with her daughter, the more than 70 plants make the space natural and inviting.

Born in Nigeria and raised in the United States, Deborah arrived in the German capital after living in Chicago, New York and Zurich. In Berlin she found the ideal environment to raise her daughter and her home is an essential part of her goal of creating a welcoming space for her family. "I have a small child, so the house should be simple, but I also like things that are natural and have a story. I would describe my space as a 'minimal jungle', a refuge from the city."

Natural light and wooden floors provide the perfect backdrop for an eclectic decor. "I love traveling, especially now that I live in Europe. Bringing back memories of places I've visited is important to me and this is reflected in my home. My furniture is a mix of different functions and aesthetics, like my collection of chairs." In the various spaces of the apartment we can find several timeless and lasting pieces from Vitra, such as the Eames Elephant, the Hang it All coat rack and the LCW, Rookie or Chaise Tout Bois chairs. "For me, sustainability is buying something with high quality, which will not need to be replaced. This applies to furniture, but also to clothing. I don't like fast fashion or unrestrained consumption. Sustainability is the idea of ​​continuation and support of cycle of artisanal work".