Step inside artist Paul Schrader's home

This lawyer turned artist opened the doors of his home and studio in Hamburg, Germany, to show the environment where he lives and works. "When I finished high school, I didn't think that being an artist was really a profession. First I studied law and became a lawyer. But painting was always there. I believe that when we feel a burning passion for something, we release energy and create things that never we would achieve otherwise."

It is with this passionate vision and freedom that Schrader fills the three-story house with his creative universe. Filled with natural light and with high ceilings and walls, the house is like a canvas, serving as a backdrop for his paintings. In this creative environment, we can find some of our favorite Vitra pieces: +the Guéridon table, the Standard chairs and the Hang-it-All hanger in the kitchen; the Grand Repos armchair, the LTR low table, the Cork bench and the Wooden Doll Super Large in the conservatory; and the Physix chair and Toolbox in the studio.

"I like to keep my furniture in the same place. When it fits into a space, it takes its place. It's like a painting that comes together and is never changed again. Just like a painting, furniture can act as a time capsule. The moment of creation has passed, but there was someone who painted it, and in the case of furniture, someone who designed it. When you see a work of art, you recognize its intrinsic value and its cultural context. The author, the era and the work merge into a single idea. This also applies to classic furniture", says the artist.