Ferm Living Outdoor

Ferm Living creates products that help you build a home that is authentic and comfortable.

Your home is your sanctuary: a place where your daily routine meets major turning points, where celebrations and sacrifices share space with small frustrations and meaningful moments of joy. It's where life happens.

In this Spring/Summer collection, earth tones and organic shapes meet sculptural lines; solid, robust shapes are mixed with soft, natural accessories.

ferm living desert chair

Desert Lounge Chair

A modernist chair with an elegant profile, the Desert Lounge Chair is crafted from a lacquered tubular steel frame in Black or Cashmere, and a fabric seat made from recycled plastic bottles, available in four models: Solo, Stripes, Shapes or Solid Cashmere. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the lounge design invites relaxation. Just sit back and enjoy!

desert lounge chair ferm living

Hourglass Vase

As a grand gesture for your home and plants, the Hourglass pot offers your plants elevated support and a spacious container to spread their roots. You can use the pot in both directions, according to the plant's needs. The vases are made of metal with a matte finish and have been treated for outdoor use.

hourglass pot ferm living

pot hourglass desert lounge chair ferm living

Bau Pot & Plant Box Two Tier

It all starts with a seed, and some things are as rewarding as watching something grow. Surrounding yourself with greenery - both outdoors and indoors - brings joy in all shapes, colors, textures and adds a refreshing dynamic.

plant box and bau pot ferm living