Guide: How to Create a Garden with a Plant Box

Guide: How to Create a Garden with Plant Box

Plants and greenery not only look good in the home, they also make us feel better. Plant Boxes are an excellent way to bring plants indoors but also keep outdoor spaces organized.

The aim is to find combinations of plants and flowers that work well with each other and with the surrounding space, be it a windowsill, a sunny balcony or a corner of the room.

We created a small guide with some suggestions!

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plant box two tier ferm living

Growing vegetables is not just in large spaces. Many species are easily grown in smaller spaces as long as there is direct sunlight. The Plant Box Two Tier has a space to grow aromatic herbs, for example, and an extra shelf to store tools and utensils.

plant box large ferm lving

We've all had the feeling of returning from a walk in the countryside happy with a bouquet of flowers that we brought home, but after a few hours the flowers become soft and withered. Why not plant them?! The Plant Box Large, with its low and deep dimensions, is the ideal place to plant flowers and create a feeling of being outdoors.

plant box ferm living

Impossible to kill and easy to love, cacti are a favorite for many! The original Plant Box has ample space for your favorite cacti. Remember that they need a lot of natural light. During the summer to grow, they like to be watered weekly, but in winter you can reduce it and water them only twice a month. Watch out for the spikes!

plant box round ferm living

The Plant Box Round is very versatile! We've seen it as a vase for plants and cacti, as a side table, as a bar... and we actually can't decide which function is best!