Paris:Sete Guide - How to Buy a Sofa

From size to shape, from style to finish, find here everything you need to know to buy your Sofa.

The sofa is the core of a good living room. It should be conducive to conversation, comfort and relaxation, as well as have a pleasant sense of togetherness.

I. Space and Size

If you're thinking about buying new furniture, it's a good idea to calculate the dimensions, draw a scaled plan and assess the space you have before making a decision.

Just because a Sofa fits and looks good in the living room, there is no guarantee that it will be able to fit in the hall, elevator or even the stairs upon delivery, which is why it is necessary to calculate some measurements.

Once you know that there is enough space, you can start choosing and creating your Sofa. We have a specialized team that can give you all the support you need within the more than 3000 possible options for Sofas.

Atoll B&B italia Sofa Paris Sete Atoll sofa, B&B Italia

II. Style and Functionality

Whether it's an apartment, country house or beach house, it's worth considering some style options, as well as the functionalities to be served.

Children and pets must be taken into consideration. If your preference is for a more minimalist style, you can choose between more contemporary sofas or those designed by designers. We offer a wide range of classic design sofas, exclusive pieces from design icons and brands such as B&B Itália , Flexform and Knoll .

Flexform Groundpiece Sofa Paris Sete Campiello sofa, Flexform

III. How many places?

Two-seater sofas are useful because they take up much less space than two armchairs. Remember that although three-seater sofas look good in a generously sized room, they are not conducive to large "line" conversations, but they are comfortable for watching television.

CAN sofa 2 seater HAY paris seve 2 Seater Can Sofa, HAY

IV. Sofa Bed

For multipurpose rooms and smaller spaces, consider a sofa bed. As the need to utilize every inch of a room grows, a sofa bed is one of the ways to camouflage a sleeping area or maximize hospitality options when there is no guest room.

Ample stem Sofa Innovation Paris Sete Ample Stem Sofa Bed, Innovation Living

V. Care

The sofa is an investment and should last at least 10 years. Always pay attention to the care instructions, as they vary depending on the finish and material.

You should take these general guidelines into account:

1. An uneven floor will damage the Sofa frame, so make sure it is level.

2. Invert the seat and back cushions to maintain even wear and the Sofa to maintain its shape.

3. If you have children or pets, opt for removable and washable covers.

4. If the Sofa has fixed covers, we suggest that it be washed by a professional, preferably once a year, so that it maintains its comfort and original finish for longer.

If you don't know exactly what you want, we have a specialized team that will give you all the conditions to find your dream sofa! Get in touch on 213 933 170 or to schedule a visit.