Home Stories (Casas Contadas) by Ferm Living
We took a look at Ferm Living's Home Stories , a section of the brand where houses with Ferm charm are visited and the stories of those who live in them are told. We couldn't keep it to ourselves and here we share 3 houses that fascinated us.

Home Stories Ferm Living

The houses are owned by 3 artists: graphic designer Connie Barton , wood sculptor Kethevan Cellard and Linda Ring who is dedicated to transforming bread into authentic pieces of art. The forms of art are different, but the taste for decoration and the passion for nature unite them, as well as finding the impulse to create their pieces in their homes.

Connie Barton's house is south of the Thames (South London), in England. The designer says that the reason behind choosing the house was the large garden , it feels like you are in the countryside within one of the largest urban areas in the world. The decoration lives up to the surrounding garden with the contrast of warm colors and wood.

Connie Barton Home Story

Kethevan Cellard's home and studio is in the suburbs of Paris and was once a carpentry shop. The artist's family adapted the space, maintaining its industrial appearance, contrasting the iron and glass typical of the style with the organic, through the planting of trees and plants that surround the space.

Kethevan Cellard Home Story

Linda is a freelance creative who works as a photographer and interior stylist and has recently added another, very original, title to her CV, Bread Artist . His apartment is in Stockholm, Sweden and is also his studio, where he develops his iconic breads.

Beautiful Home Story

We hope you enjoyed these emblematic houses and that you make your home a source of inspiration to transform everything you do into art.
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