Small Room Ideas

Decorating a room can seem like a daunting task, but with our help it won't be anymore!

By choosing designer furniture, distinctive details, and a little illusion, a cramped space can be transformed into the great heart of a home.

Take Tidying to Another Level

Smart and creative storage solutions are essential for keeping any space well organized and creating a feeling of space and tranquility.

Muuto's popular Stacked system has several modules available that can be adjusted perfectly to any space.

very stacked

Opt for Small and Compact Sofas

Large sofas can be very intrusive when there is limited space. By choosing a smaller sofa, you can save space without compromising your comfort.

The HAY 2-seater Can sofa is practical, elegant and comfortable. It was created with simplicity and accessibility in mind, so much so that it is packaged in a flat-pack and can be quickly assembled.

sofa can 2 seater hay home decor

Multi-tasking Furniture

Versatility is also a virtue when it comes to furniture! Stackable chairs or benches, shelves that serve as a TV stand and store books, or pieces that simply have the capacity to perform multiple functions help save space.

The iconic Stool 60 , designed by Alvar Aalto, is a super versatile piece, whether it is a bench, a side table, or a display for a striking piece.

aalto stool 60 artek

Add “ambiance” with Lighting

Lighting is a powerful way to define a space. Even when decorating a smaller space, it's always a good idea to invest in a versatile, easy-to-move table lamp that serves multiple purposes, from work to ambiance.

Designed by Miguel Milá, the Cesta table lamp has been a classic since 1962. Its molded cherry wood structure and opaque glass give it a charming appearance.

basket lamp santa&cole paris seve

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