Interior Inspiration coming from New York

The design achieved by Soren Rose Studio for this penthouse on Park Avenue is unforgettable.

The 550 m2 combine traditional Scandinavian design with industrial and contemporary New York.

With striking elements, such as the green Alpi marble wall, coming from the same quarry where Mies Van de Rohe obtained the marble for El Pabellón in Barcelona, ​​this project was thought out in detail. A bridge between past and present has been created with an elegance that reflects a deep appreciation for context and detail.

The Egg chair, by Arne Jacobsen - Fritz Hansen, used in this project is an icon of Danish design, with organic curves that take on a different personality in all fabrics, leather and colors. It is recognized worldwide as an essential modern design, and is considered one of the great triumphs of Jacobsen's legendary career.

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Customer | Private
Location | New York, United States of America
Interior Design / Architects | Soren Rose Studio
Photography: Brooke Holm