Winter... Inspires Scandinavian decor

Traditional and contemporary, simple and sophisticated. Scandinavian design is a trend that delights many architects and interior designers.

The decoration began to be used in Nordic countries, due to the harsh and long winters, Scandinavian decoration aimed to make spaces more cozy and comfortable.

The composition of environments is made up of classic and elegant elements, such as wood. The use of very light and soft tones throughout the rooms is calming, coming to life with some details in pastel tones.

Elements to make your home more Scandinavian

Do you have a fireplace ? Use it! The fireplace is a warm and welcoming element in cold climates. Whether it's more detailed or simpler, it's an important element in keeping your home comfortable.

Use wood ! Wooden elements are a must in Scandinavian decor. For example, if you have a wooden floor, it is an excellent element. If you don't have one, use wooden details, such as chairs, tables or shelves.

In Scandinavian decoration you will never find strong colors. The walls are normally white and are joined by details in pastel tones. Neutral tones are your friends! Choose one or two main colors and leave the rest monochromatic.

You can opt for colorful paintings to give your spaces a more personal touch.

Remember that details make all the difference. Bet on blankets with volume, candles, paintings, wood, plants. Keep the decor simple and minimalist. It's the details that will make your home special, that will make your home YOURS!

Less is more . It's a maxim that makes perfect sense. Don't fill your home with decorative elements, the secret to Scandinavian decor is the combination of comfort and functionality.