Jarra Ridge, from Portugal with love

The center of Portugal has a great tradition in ceramic production, so it is natural that brands like Muuto look to it to materialize pieces like the Ridge vase. On a recent visit by Muuto to the factory in Alcobaça that produces this vase designed by Studio Kaksikko, it was possible to observe the entire process, from the liquid clay to the finished piece.

Based on the paper models made by Studio Kaksikko, João, an experienced craftsman with more than 40 years of experience in mold production, translated the sculptural form into the first test mold, from which all details and dimensions were checked. . Due to the high detail and quality of the Ridge vase, each mold can be used approximately 50 to 70 times before being replaced by a new one.

After the mold process is completed, manual production takes place in a factory with more than four decades of activity. Here, the liquid clay is poured into the plaster molds, where it rests for around two hours, before going into the oven at 1000º for eight hours. After this process, the jars receive a glaze on the inside and are placed in the oven again for another eight hours at 1100º before being immersed in an aqueous solution to close small porous holes.

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