Le Bambole celebrates 50th Anniversary

2022 marks the 50th anniversary of one of Mario Bellini's most recognized sofas, Le Bambole . In the video "Tutte Le Bambole", director Massimiliano Bomba illustrates a series of contemporary moments and characters, all linked by the iconic sofa produced by B&B Italia. The celebration was used by the Italian brand to present the new version of Le Bambole, even more comfortable and sustainable.

"I feel the pleasure of revisiting this collection, because it confirms to me that it has not aged, quite the contrary, it is enjoying a prosperous and promising second life. A rebirth carried out in great style, with enthusiasm, breadth and the original decorations and forms. We have recovered its charm, sumptuousness and softness" , says Mario Bellini.

A constant presence in the B&B Italia catalog for the last 50 years, Le Bambole has evolved and become even more contemporary. The renewed version captures the look and elegance of the 1972 original, featuring generous, curvy shapes. In addition to some adjustments in terms of dimensions and shapes, the new Le Bambole is now built using a recycled polyethylene structure (instead of metal) and a recycled PET undercoat. Furthermore, the sofa can be easily dismantled to be recycled at the end of its life cycle, which due to its quality and timeless design is expected to be quite long!