Maxalto x Karolina Maszkiewicz

Maxalto has long been promoting the interaction between art and design. The Camerae project is the perfect expression of this process, inviting artists to interpret the universe of the Italian brand with their creations. Camerae is a space for the confrontation of ideas and experimentation, where Maxalto opens its doors and invites us to discover new realities.

For the second edition of this project, the brand invited Polish artist Karolina Maszkiewicz to reinvent Maxalto environments with four kinetic pieces: one from the Suspencia series, in natural wood, and three sculptures from the Serpsâtes series, produced with organic materials. The artist, who lives and works in Los Angeles, is inspired by the natural landscape to create her sculptures, working with simple materials such as wood and seeds, evoking the atmospheres of each context through these elements. The choice of kinetic structures is related to Maszkiewicz's reflection on the theme of time and its continuous flow.

"With my sculptures what I try to achieve is a feeling of peace, a moment for the mind to rest."