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The Soda (sodium) table is named after one of the three main ingredients in the glass.

The latest collaboration between Miniforms and designer Yiannis Ghikas has led to the creation of these unique tables. A collection of coffee tables weighing 20 kilos made from blown Murano glass. Available in two sizes and two colors, Amber and Petroleum Green, the coffee table has a strong presence but is also flexible. The Soda table fits perfectly into any home and any public space.

soda table miniforms

soda table miniforms

Throughout the research and design process for the Soda table, it was discovered that there were very few larger blown glass products. This is due to the technical difficulties inherent in handling such an object, as well as the degree of specialization required to do so. Experience that only a few highly qualified artisans on the Italian island of Murano have.

Among the main objectives was the use of one of the most characteristic attributes of glass: its transparency. Thus, an object was designed with a geometry that allows you to play with light and shadows, creating different shapes. Looking at the Soda table a certain way, you will see darker parts due to the way the glass layers overlap.

miniforms soda table

soda table miniforms

Winner of the Archiproducts Design Award 2020, the Soda table stood out among the 750 applications from around the world, for its unique concept, creativity, research and technology.

archiproducts design award 2020 soda table miniforms