Michael Anastassiades - Artist or Designer?

When did you realize you wanted to be a designer?

Growing up in Cyprus, since I could talk, I always had a pencil and whenever someone older offered to entertain me, I would take a blank sheet of paper and say: “draw here”. I think this was a simple way to see if I would like to spend time with them. If I was impressed by what they drew, I would try to imitate their movements in the hope that I could reproduce the same image. I learned not to trust them, but my own imagination, and creativity became a personal exploration of how I saw things.

What is artificial light for you?

There is a reason why day and night exist - and we should never try to replace one with the other. When designing a lamp, I think it's important to recognize that it can never be an isolated object, but one that interacts with its environment. I believe that it is only after having all the conditions that one can start drawing.

michael anastassiades flos Copycat lamp , Flos

What is the reason for working with the Flos brand?

Ten years ago, I decided to start producing my own designs as a way to realize my ideas without compromise. A few years later, I started working with Flos. I never thought I could do the same for another person or brand.

michael anastassiades flos lighting Captain Flint lamp , Flos

Are you an artist or designer?

A creative.

What is the next object you would like to draw?

A lamp.

flos IC lamp michael anastassiades

IC T1 lamp , Flos