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Difficult times require different perspectives.

Pedrali offers new ideas with collaborations with Sebastian Herkner and Robin Rizzini.


Adapt or die. A very dramatic, exaggerated expression but which makes some sense in times of pandemic when it comes to business.

As we learn to live with a crisis, we realize that it will not necessarily be business as usual. Agility, innovation, creativity and quality will be among the decisive factors for companies to maintain the new pace.

Italian furniture manufacturer Pedrali is definitely putting its best foot forward. Through its countless years of strategic investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, optimized processes position it well to continue doing what it does best - providing architects, interior designers and the consumer with aesthetically confident products that are strong on comfort. , design and sustainability.

pedeli blume family Pedrali's latest collection, 'New Ideas 2020', puts the idea of ​​versatility and flexibility at the forefront, with rapid change in mind in terms of how we live, work and socialise.

Pedrali's new collection for this year - launched under the title 'New Ideas 2020' - emphasizes the extremely timely idea of ​​versatility, with a range of user-friendly designs that can be used at home and in offices. Also creating two new collaborations - with German Sebastian Herkner, Designer of the Year 2019, and with designer Robin Rizzini, former head of design at Milan-based studio Metrica, whose concerns include reducing materials and innovative processes.

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The new collection is characterized by a clean design and a pastel palette that refers to suspended and calming realities, capable of transmitting the desire for beauty and dreams. The attention to detail and materials is highlighted here, revealing the savoir faire and passion that the company presents every year.