New Scandinavian Design, Bolia

Bolia's Outdoor Collection has arrived!

Designs for lighter times, new ideas and creative adventures.

Bolia was born in Denmark and their location serves as inspiration for everything they do - nature, materials and a Scandinavian design heritage. Characterized by simplicity, elegance and the quality of the natural materials it uses, it is a new reference in Nordic design.

Discover its outdoor collection.

orlando outdoor sofa bolia

The Danish duo Glismand & Rüdiger developed an outdoor version of the classic Orlando sofa . The sofa returned to the drawing board with the aim of being used outdoors without compromising its comfort and aesthetics.

It resulted in a comfortable sofa where the design of the cushions allows water to drain and dry in just a few hours. The structure is made of aluminum to prevent rust.

orlando outdoor sofa bolia

The Conwy rug is handmade from 90% jute and 10% wool. The appearance of the rug offers a natural, Nordic and rustic simplicity, where the two materials create a striking contrast on the surface.

Highlands Flowerpot bolia outdoor

Highlands is a series of flower pots where the designers had a clear desire to create a green landscape inspired by simple lines. The vases are made of cement with colored fibers and can be used both outdoors and indoors.

highlands bolia outdoor

Mixture is another series of flower vases that invite creativity and fun. Vases are available in different sizes and materials. Made of cement, and their rubber-coated interior makes the vases 100% waterproof.

mixed pots

The Pica outdoor lamp , designed by Joa Herrenknecht, creates a peaceful atmosphere. The elegant lamp has a metal base with frosted white glass. With an LED lamp and dimmer, it has a battery life of 6 hours when fully charged.

bolia outdoor lamp

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