The Design of Normann Copenhagen

It seems like every week there's a new chair, table, sofa or object from Scandinavian brand Normann Copenhagen. The truth is that new products have arrived at our store!

Discover these new and existing Scandinavian design pieces that you need for your home and let yourself be inspired.

I. Bank Form

Whether you want to create a calm and focused workspace, a relaxing breakfast spot or a cozy place to have a drink, the Form stool can help define the design. It is a lightweight and discreet bench in the way it can be used in various situations. It's also available in a variety of contemporary colors and materials, and the fact that it comes assembled is a plus!

bank form norman copenhagen Form Bank, Normann Copenhagen

II. Tablo table

A small table that you can easily move to any room in your home is the piece you will love more than any lamp or bookshelf! The Tablo table is quick and easy to assemble without using tools. Perfect for a sofa side table or even as a bedside table. Available in two sizes, various colors and finishes.

tablo table normann copenhagen paris seven decoration Table Tablo, Normann Copenhagen

III. Geo Vacuum Pitcher

The Geo Vacuum jug is a great example of how stunning design doesn't mean compromising on functionality. The jug maintains a hot or cold temperature for a few hours, as well as being a decorative object on any table. With a classic and retro design, its color combinations give it a modern and minimalist touch. It has a capacity of 1L and 1.5L.

geo vacuum jug normann copenhagen paris seven interior decoration Geo Vacuum Jug, Normann Copenhagen

IV. Shelter Table Lamp

Sometimes we wish things were a little different, just a little, to please us more. The Shelter lamp was designed with the improvement of the traditional lamp in mind. Wire has always been a big problem, however Danish design duo HolmbäckNordentoft came up with the idea of ​​a curved opening with a delicate brass detail to solve this problem. The end result is a lamp with a calm, relaxing light capable of changing the atmosphere of a room.

shelter lamp normann copenhagen Shelter lamp, Normann Copenhagen

V. Bell Lamp

Suitable for a kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, the Bell lamp has the ability to look good alone or together on a table or in the kitchen. Its white interior reflects light providing practical lighting for various purposes, while the different materials, metal and rubber create a clean and minimalist appearance.

bell lamp normann copenhagen paris seven decoration Bell lamp, Normann Copenhagen

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