The universe of Katrine Binné

Katrine Binné is a fashion designer based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is the founder of the women's clothing brand Binné and the recently created Cosmo 1996, aimed at children. Their approach to creating their collections is built around sustainability, working with forgotten fabric stock to create timeless classics in an innovative and easy-to-wear way.

As with her brands, Katrine Binné knows what she likes when it comes to decorating her home, where she also favors pieces that will last a lifetime or that can be exchanged for a new one. This sustainable and pragmatic vision is visible in her home environment, a former factory where she lives with her husband and two children. "We moved here five years ago. It's an old factory and we have a lot of details from that time, like the beams on the ceiling, which I love. We renovated the house two years ago and added a second floor, to make room for a children's room and a 20 square meter terrace."

Among many objects that evoke memories for the designer, we can find an eclectic selection of books, antiques, photographs, paintings, natural materials, cushions and floral motifs mixed with contemporary Danish design pieces from brands such as Muuto . Relaxation is something that can be seen in every space in the house, despite the presence of many special pieces. "Above all, it has to be very practical and pragmatic. My sofa needs to be comfortable, and it must be in a place where it can get messy. Things are to be used here. That's how my parents did it too, we could walk always wear shoes. It's not a dirty house, but we live here."