Original x Copy

It may seem absurd to distinguish between an original and a copy of a design piece, because on the surface they appear to be the same object. For the less attentive observer, a Charles & Ray Eames Lounge Chair, for example, is just a physical expression of an armchair seen countless times in films, social media posts or in celebrities' homes. However, the difference between the real (original) and the fake (copy) is much more than a brand or a label with a higher price. The originals are the result of a long creation process, an intense dialogue between designer and manufacturer and constant improvement.

↑ Originals of the Panton, Standard, Lounge Chair, Aluminum and DSW chairs, all produced by Vitra

Unlike copies, originals do not remain frozen in time, they evolve according to new needs, be they comfort or sustainability. The Camaleonda sofa by B&B Italia, one of Instagram's 'stars' since its relaunch in 2020, is an excellent example of this evolution. While the exterior maintained the same proportions as the 1972 version, the reissue — supervised by Mario Bellini himself — presents a new interior, using recycled or recyclable materials, respecting its history, at the same time bringing the sofa into the 21st century and into a more sustainable form of production.

↑ The Camaleonda sofa by B&B Italia, reissued in 2020

The success of these pieces, and their visibility in the homes of influencers and celebrities, makes them more desirable to be copied, however consumers play a fundamental role in this equation and in combating copies. Just as no one wants to buy a fake brand car, the same thought should be applied when purchasing designer pieces. Testimonies of the creativity of their creators, the technical innovation of the brands and a unique way of knowing how to do it, the originals are the pulse of this industry that has done so much to improve the physical environment of our homes, offices and public spaces.

We realize that it is easy to succumb to the desire to buy 'that' piece we saw on Instagram at the lowest price, but investing in an original is not only a guarantee of quality and durability for life, but also because the 'real' item always maintains its its value. An imitation will never be more than a copy, a stolen idea.

↑ Base of Knoll's Barcelona armchair, with creator's signature

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