Pablo Outdoor, a tribute to the outdoors

Vincent Van Duysen (who has a house in sunny Melides) is a fan of the sun and life outside. The Pablo Outdoor furniture line is his tribute to this important area of ​​the home and southern Europe. Originally a reinterpretation of the traditional Spanish armchair, which appropriately took its name from the artist Pablo Picasso, the outdoor version maintained the same philosophy as the original indoor piece, standing out for the timeless design and visual lightness of the teak wood structure. In this interview that Vincent Van Duysen gave to Port magazine, you can find out more about the B&B Italia collection:

How did the idea for the original Pablo armchair come about?
The language of the original Pablo armchair has a Latin American touch, traditional but very contemporary at the same time.

What should outdoor furniture design include?
Design should improve the lives of human beings, so it doesn't matter if it's interior or exterior. In general, it is crucial to connect indoor and outdoor spaces, so this is an essential factor when creating pieces for outdoor areas. There needs to be a sense of narrative so that the outdoor piece has something to tell in any dehors (outdoor space).

How has the Pablo armchair evolved into its outdoor iteration?
Pablo Outdoor has a decisive design and innovative proportions, and brings to life a series that includes an armchair, available in two depths, sofa and footrest. Another feature that takes the original Pablo to the next level is the choice of materials. The robust and smooth lines of the seats are perfectly balanced on the small cement side tables. Linear, solid and highly geometric shapes represent the essence of these architectural objects.

"The soul of the original project lies in the wooden structure, which is produced with teak, the ideal material for outdoor spaces. The continuity of the shape and quality of the wood make it particularly pleasant to the touch."

How does the aesthetic side of the sofa complement its functionality?
The geometry of the support structure presents a sophisticated balance of straight and curved lines, but this is not just an aesthetic choice. Strictly speaking, the structure, with its uninterrupted surface, was designed to facilitate the maintenance of the wood. The back fabric panels are anchored to rods that can be removed easily. This is also an aesthetic choice that meets a technical solution that aims to simplify the care of wood and the maintenance of textile pieces. These design details allow customers to choose between letting it age naturally or returning it to its original condition.

What is your favorite outdoor activity?
Well, sunbathe, read, meditate or simply relax.

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Photography by Tommaso Sartori