Because Mother is always synonymous with Home

We believe that interior design and decoration elevate architecture to a dimension that goes beyond its function and aesthetics. The balance of colors and shapes, the harmony of textures and lighting, are the dimensions that transform and personalize the space. A house stops being just a house, and becomes our home.

Home is the place that always welcomes us, where we find ourselves. And, above all, where we can grow, renew, evolve. We can leave, knowing that we can always return. Interior design embodies what a mother teaches us. That where there is harmony and balance, quality and comfort, there is a home. Mother is our first true home, and can have different shapes, names and shapes.

Special homes deserve special pieces. Here are some suggestions to offer someone special, on their special day.

Toolbox by Vitra

Teapot Still by Ferm Living

Still bottle by Ferm Living

Bellhop lamp

Bellhop Lamp by FLOS

Shell Pot by Ferm Living

Vitra Hanger Hang it all

Hang it All by Vitra hanger

Vitra Ball Watch

Ball watch by

Baobab Agate Max 16 Candle

Stones Candle by Baobab

Muuto Basket Restore round Restore Round Basket by Muuto