Folded Shelves, Muuto

Muuto's Folded shelves encourage creativity.

Johan Van Hengel, the designer behind Muuto's Folded shelves , found his inspiration in metal and its ability to be folded. Van Hengel sees the shelves as a continuation of the Scandinavian design tradition - a fusion of materials, functionality and simplicity.

muuto folded shelf

Manufactured by Danish brand, Muuto, Folded shelves are a collection of metal wall shelves. Its folds divide the shelf into several compartments to place everyday objects as well as giving it an interesting three-dimensional shape.

“I'd wanted to do something with shelving design furniture for a while – I always thought that there was something missing in that area. I saw a painting one day that had multiple shadows and layers on top of one another, inspiring me for the design of Folded . I sketched it up, and that drawing was almost identical to how the design turned out in the end.”

muuto folded shelf home decor

folded muuto shelf wall decor

The Dutch designer's objective was to create a family of shelves whose visual and functional form would find its place in various environments. To ensure their multifunctionality, the shelves come in 4 different sizes and various shades.

When shelves are placed alone on a wall without objects, they bring something sculptural, refined and simple to a room.

“I'm quite a chaotic person myself and I wanted to design something that through aesthetics prompted me to keep things tidy and organized, simply because it looks nicer that way”

muuto folded shelves home decor

muuto folded home design