Gifts for the Home

Christmas is a time for commitment, problem solving and fun.

People often say that whoever receives the gifts "already has everything!" While it may be true, why not get inspired and offer something for the home. We continue to help and create guides for Christmas gifts, so it can be less stressful and you can focus on the most important things: eating, watching movies and sleeping!

In an age where we all rely on our cell phones to tell us the time, Vitra wants to bring a revival of the classic wall clock. Vitra does this as it knows, bringing a classic icon from the 50s designed by George Nelson, the Ball Clock .

ball clock vitra

Compact, fun and full of color, the Foscarini Binic table lamp designed in 2010 by Ionna Vautrin is an immediate winner! Thanks to its fun, colorful shapes and compact size it provides a very direct and intimate light - like a lighthouse.

binic table lamp foscarini

The Cestita Bateria is not the lamp you are used to seeing. Despite being the newest member of the Santa & Cole Cesta family, it is a lamp with perfect functionality.

This portable, wireless version combines functionality with the legacy of artisanal creation. It is produced by hand by European artisans, using steam-bending and wood-blowing techniques to obtain the glass.

Santa&cole battery basket

Bringing a friendly expression to the traditional coat hook, Muuto's Dots have a functional and sculptural design so you can make a combination of one or several on the wall. You can use them in hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, offices... in fact wherever you want!

dots muuto

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